Xiao-Yu Zhang


  • Privacy-Functionality Trade-Off: A Privacy-Preserving Multi-Channel Smart Metering System
  • Differential privacy for deep learning-based online energy disaggregation system
  • Feeder-Level Deep Learning-based Photovoltaic Penetration Estimation Scheme
  • Privacy boundary determination of smart meter data using an artificial intelligence adversary
  • Multi-Quantile Recurrent Neural Network for Feeder-Level Probabilistic Energy Disaggregation Considering Roof-Top Solar Energy
  • Multi-quantile recurrent neural network for feeder-level probabilistic energy disaggregation considering roof-top solar energy
  • A Hybrid ConvLSTM-based Anomaly Detection Approach for Combating Energy Theft
  • A Hybrid Data-Driven Online Solar Energy Disaggregation System from the Grid Supply Point
  • A hybrid data-driven online solar energy disaggregation system from the grid supply point
  • Hybrid Short-term Load Forecasting Method Based on Empirical Wavelet Transform and Bidirectional Long Short-term Memory Neural Networks
  • Privacy-Preserving Federated Learning for Value-Added Service Model in Advanced Metering Infrastructure
  • Low‐voltage DC building distribution and utilization system and its implementation in China southern grid
  • Research on symmetric bipolar MMC-M2Tdc-based flexible railway traction power supply system
  • Graph Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Inverter-Based Active Voltage Control

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